Hypnotherapy Clinics in Cambridge & Huntingdon

Hypnotherapy Clinics in Cambridge & Huntingdon

Would you like to make a positive change to your life…?
Perhaps you would like to feel calm and in control or let go of something keeping you stuck so you can achieve your goals?

Adele Richmond

Adele is a fully qualified and experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist based in Cambridgeshire, UK.  Adele offers hypnotherapy sessions at Cambridge Hypnotherapy and Huntingdon Hypnotherapy Clinics.  In Cambridge she is available at The Coach House Clinic in Trumpington and in Huntingdon Adele now practises at Brampton Chiropractic Clinic.

If you are reading this then maybe you have reached a point in life where you really want to take action to resolve a particular issue.  Perhaps hypnotherapy could be the right step for you?  If you are unsure why not give her a call to discuss or you can book a phone or one-to-one consultation at Cambridge Hypnotherapy or Huntingdon Hypnotherapy Clinic.

Tel: 07703 211449 or  email adele@adelerichmond.com

Is an issue holding you back in your life?  Is something causing you distress?  Maybe you can visualise yourself doing something different but need some extra courage and confidence! At her Cambridge Hypnotherapy or Huntingdon Hypnotherapy clinics Adele will work with you to help you tap into your own abilities and resources so you can achieve your goals and live the kind of life you want.*

Why is Cognitive Hypnotherapy Different?

Using leading edge techniques and the latest understanding of how the brain works, Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you develop your inner resources.  It works with you as an individual to resolve and release issues that you may have felt stuck with for some time.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy uses a wide range of psychological tools and, as such, it is extremely flexible and adaptable – definitely not a one-size fits all type of therapy! I work on the principle that every person has the means within themselves to make positive changes.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy is a solution focused therapy that can help you regain control of your life.  Negative thought patterns and behaviour can very often be changed within just a few sessions. We are not born anxious, stressed or phobic. We develop these patterns in response to events that have happened in our lives.  This is very often at an early age when our brains didn’t have the ability to process the information properly.  Cognitive Hypnotherapy can provide a means for your brain to relearn better, more resourceful thinking patterns and responses.

Hypnosis is a natural state that we enter into frequently during the day and sometimes we are not even aware that we have done this.  It is very safe and there are no side effects.  During a session you will be guided into a relaxed state where it is easier for your unconscious mind to receive positive suggestions and make changes.  You are always in control and no-one can make you do anything that is against your values and beliefs.

Hypnotherapy Cambridge Huntingdon can help with many issues including anxiety and stress, confidence, phobias, post traumatic stress disorder, public speaking, exam nerves, childbirth and to stop smoking.  If you would like to discuss how Adele could help you or would like to know more about Cognitive Hypnotherapy and the way she work’s then you can telephone me on 07703 211449 or send an email to adele@adelerichmond.com.