What’s Your Story?

Every week I see people at my hypnotherapy clinics in Cambridge & Huntingdon wanting help with different issues and many issues are fairly straightforward.  It may be a phobia that needs dealing with such as a fear of flying or a client wants more confidence in a certain area of life.  However, some clients come for therapy when life […]

Reduce Stress with the ‘7/11’ Breathing Technique!

I’ve been using a particular deep breathing technique for several years now which I was taught when training to become a Cognitive Hypnotherapist with The Quest Institute.  As well helping me stay calm and reducing my levels of stress in the past when I went through some major changes, many of my clients have reported […]

Are You Betting on the Smoking Odds of 50-50?

Since the New Year two more of my family members are no longer with us due to smoking-related disease. As such, I thought I would make this first blog on my new wordpress website about smoking in the hope of trying to convince a few people who really want to stop smoking, but may be […]

Sleep Well

A number of people have contacted me in the last couple of years because they are having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Insomnia and waking up early seems to be a common problem these days and so in this blog I have outlined some tips for establishing a good sleep routine as well as […]

National Stress Awareness Day

One of the most common issues that people come to see me about is anxiety and stress and so with November 2nd being National Stress Awareness Day it gives us the opportunity to consider what elements of our life might be causing us unhealthy levels of stress and what steps we can take to help […]

Giving a Wedding Day Speech?

Confetti time & the dreaded speech! With the wedding season now in full swing for the next couple of months, many grooms, best men and brides may be feeling anxious, even terrified, about giving a speech to a room full of family, friends and colleagues. Indeed some may even have nightmares about it – that’s […]

Health for Japan Day – 9 April

FREE Complementary Health Taster Sessions will be available on Saturday 9th April at Salus Wellness Clinic in Cambridge in aid of the victims of the recent tragic events in Japan. A range of health checks and treatments will be on offer at this one-day fundraising event including Acupuncture, Hypnotherapy, Massage, Osteopathy, Reflexology and Reiki. Salus […]

Cognitive Hypnotherapy – Aiming for Permanent Heresy

Sometimes people ask me ‘what is cognitive hypnotherapy?’ and I usually come up with a few answers that include statements like ‘Well it’s a very flexible approach based around the needs of the client; it draws on a number of established and cutting-edge psychological theories and practices; it uses hypnosis as just one of the […]