Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Stress & Panic Attacks

Effective anxiety treatment and stress management with Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Cambridge & Huntingdon!

Anxiety, stress and panic attacks can make you feel very ill and unable to cope with your daily life.  We all need a certain amount of stress to enable us to function but sometimes in life the scales start to tip too much the wrong way.  This causes us to begin to feel overwhelmed and sets off what is known commonly as the flight/fight mechanism in the body.  However, too much anxiety often causes us to freeze as well so that we can end up feeling stuck!  We find it difficult to make decisions about the best way forward.  At my hypnotherapy clinics in Cambridge and Huntingdon I offer an effective anxiety treatment* that can help you rebalance your system and find a way through your particular concerns.

What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Anxiety and stress can creep up on you without you realising until you find that you are beginning to suffer from a number of physical effects. This happened to me many years ago when I went to live abroad and was unprepared for how my mind and body would react to such a big change.  There are, however, many reasons why someone may become anxious and as we are all individuals with our own experiences and perceptions we react in different ways to problems.  Anxiety symptoms can include headaches, insomnia, lack of concentration, muscle tension,  difficulty making decisions and general fatigue.  Even then, you may not realise you are suffering from stress and anxiety until it gets to the point where you start to experience things such as panic attacks, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), excessive perspiration and an overwhelming and pervading sense of fear.

An effective treatment for anxiety Cambridge Huntingdon

Does hypnotherapy work as a treatment for anxiety you may be wondering and the good news is yes!  Cognitive Hypnotherapy for anxiety Cambridge Huntingdon can be a highly effective anxiety treatment to reduce your anxiety and stress levels.*  Of course we will need to look at the underlying issues that are affecting you.   I have been working with people suffering from anxiety, stress and panic attacks over the last ten years and have a particular interest in this area.

You could also be pleasantly surprised at just how relaxing hypnosis is and the calming effects it can have.  I will also teach you a number of relaxation techniques that you can use to help you take back control.

Don’t let anxiety and stress take over your life – take action and call me now on 07703 211449 to help get your life back on track. Appointments available in Cambridge or Huntingdon.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.