Hypnotherapy for Exam Nerves in Cambridge & Huntingdon

Exam nerves? I can help you overcome them and pass exams with confidence!

Do you struggle with exam nerves or have a phobia of exams?  As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Learning Coach I have undergone additional training with The Quest Institute to be able to help people learn more effectively and overcome exam nerves.*  The three main reasons why people don’t learn are fear of exams, lack of motivation and poor recall.

‘Hello Adele, I just wanted to let you know that I passed all my A’ level exams and got into my university of choice. Thank you very much for all your help, your tips and tricks will last me a lifetime.’ Miss T, Cambridgeshire

Exam Nerves & Poor Recall

Fear of exams is very common and can really affect your performance and outcome.  The more stressed and anxious you become the harder it is for your brain to recall the information you need.  However, using Cognitive Hypnotherapy we can work together to help you overcome your fears and pass your exams with confidence.  I’ve helped many people at my Cambridge Hypnotherapy or Huntingdon Hypnotherapy Clinics who have gone on to pass their exams successfully.*  It doesn’t matter whether you are a student or a professional person looking to enhance their career you could benefit from hypnotherapy to help change your perception and achieve your goals.

If you are struggling to recall information then it just means that your brain did not receive the information in a way that it needed.  Trevor and Rebecca Silvester of The Quest Institute originally developed their NLP skills base working at the Metropolitan Police Training School. Over a three year period, Trevor led a team that used NLP as a means of improving learning performance in those students who were failing the intense 18 week initial training course. By the end of this period he had evolved a model that was proven to increase exam marks between 10-30% with only 2.5 hours of coaching. These improvements remained after the coaching period ended as long as the study method continued to be followed. That method is still in use today at Hendon and has also been taught  at the Scottish Police College.

As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and NLP Learning Coach I can help you find your own unique thinking and learning style.  This will enable you to overcome exam nerves and become an effective learner by understanding the following:

  • The Three Keys to Learning
  • The difference between remembering and recalling
  • Structuring notes to suit you.
  • The importance of chunk size
  • How to encode something so you can recall it
  • The secret about revision that makes the difference
  • Study methods to suit your learning type
  • Strategies and how to use them to assist recall
  • Your personality and how it impacts on your learning
  • The importance of state-dependent learning

If you would like help to overcome exam nerves or find out how I can help you learn more effectively then you can telephone me on 07703 211449 or send an email to adele@adelerichmond.com.  I am available in either Cambridge or Huntingdon and am happy to work with teenagers and adults.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.