Hypnotherapy Testimonials

Hypnotherapy Testimonials for Adele Richmond

Here are a few hypnotherapy testimonials* from some of the people that I have worked with recently at my clinics in Cambridge & Huntingdon:

‘ We have just returned from our holiday and thought you would like to know how I got on. All the flights and also the cruise were perfect and I only have you to thank for that. Without your help I most certainly would not have gone. I have no idea what you did to me but whatever it was I can’t thank you enough. All together it was a lovely trip and everything worked out perfectly. Just to visit South Africa, Australia and Singapore and see the things we did was an experience, one I never thought I would do. I listened to the MP3 player while on the cruise but not every day, even if I felt I didn’t need it. Just to listen to your relaxing, reassuring voice makes me feel good, thank you.  Any way, thank you so very very much for your time and experience and for fitting me in at such short notice. You are an absolute life saver and now I hope I can look forward to any future holidays with ease and enjoyment instead of fear.  My very best wishes and again thanks. I cannot recommend you highly enough.’
Jan, Emetophobia  (fear of sickness) client

‘Let me quickly tell you how the many trips went …yep, all work…it’s a tough life!. They went amaaaaazingly well! It’s hard to believe the change that has come over me. I just went on the trips, had no negative thoughts/feeling. Enjoyed the company of my colleagues, the conferences, the meals, the social activities and all that. It’s how it used to be, many years ago, before the anxiety reared its ugly head. I can’t really understand how what you did in those few sessions I had, had such a profound effect!  Now, because of all sorts of circumstances, I haven’t even tried to open the audio file you sent me. In a sense, I might perhaps not need it?!?’ Mr B, Huntingdon

‘I contacted Adele about a longstanding, anxiety related issue that I hadn’t been able to sort out through various other means, including CBT.  I immediately found Adele really easy to talk to, very kind and supportive.  The sessions have provided amazing improvement – the issue is nearly entirely resolved and I generally feel much calmer and more relaxed. Thank you so much Adele!’    Miss W, Cambridge

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and would like to thank you sincerely for all your help in the past. It has certainly helped me towards having a different outlook on life. I have gained so much from our sessions and would like to think that I can call on you again in the future if I need to.’ Mrs R, Huntingdon

“I had a wonderful session on Friday. I am still on ‘a high’ from it. I feel I am really making progress now! Thank you soooo much.” Mrs T, Cambridgeshire

“I do feel that these past few weeks I have felt different. Better and calmer which I believe has been due to the help you gave me and the techniques I’ve learnt. It was a pleasure for me too and I felt that you really understood me.” Mrs F, St Ives,

“I contacted Adele to help me with a fear of flying. Adele tailored her therapy specifically for the way I react to messages. Her instructions were clear and she was very calm and compassionate. Needless to say her treatment worked! I managed a return transatlantic flight with no Vallium, drink or tears. A bit jumpy at times, but I was massively impressed with Adele’s work and consequently my own! This has lead me to book another flight. It’s a short one and so far my biggest concern is not the flight but getting to the airport. But I am taking this flight on my own (something that would previously been out of the question) and am confident I will be OK. What a result! Not only has her treatment enabled me to see places further afield, or get there quickly, but has meant I actually enjoy the lead up to my trips rather than dreading them. I would not hesitate in contacting Adele again should I need a top-up or treatment for anything else. I highly recommend her.” Amelia, Huntingdon

“I would like to thank you for your help with my insomnia. After months of poor sleep I was anxious about even going to bed. Your straightforward, practical approach gave me permission to relax and let go of any anxiety. After just two sessions I am now enjoying nights of consistently good sleep. I am using the CD you recorded for me as ‘top up’ to remind me to relax!” Suzanne, Godmanchester

“I wanted to write to thank you for all your help. Before I came to you I was anxious and tearful most of the time. Having my sessions with you has given me strategies to help me overcome my anxieties. I now feel as if I am in control and have my life back. Thank you and best wishes.” Ann, Godmanchester

“I would like to thank you for all your help with my phobia of needles. Having found out I was pregnant, I was told I needed numerous blood tests. After the first session I already felt the benefits and was much more comfortable with my phobia. After the second session I felt that your techniques and friendly, but professional, approach has given me the confidence, and the will, to go to my midwife appointments to have the required tests. Following the second session I attended my midwife appointment and had my first blood test in years without any trouble. Your availability at such short notice was greatly appreciated. Thank you very much once again, you will be highly recommended to friends and family if they are after a hypnotherapist. Thanks very much.” Sam, Huntingdon area.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person.