Hypnotherapy Cambridge & Huntingdon can help you

How could Hypnotherapy help you?

I work with all kinds of issues so its quite likely that if you are experiencing an emotional or mind related issue I can probably help at either my clinic in Cambridge or Huntingdon can help with many issues.  Hypnotherapy is natural, safe, effective and doesn’t have side effects. Here are some of things hypnotherapy can help with but this list is not exhaustive.  If you have an issue that is not mentioned please give me a call or send me a email to discuss if I can help:

When you visit me for the first time at my Hypnotherapy Cambridge or Hypnotherapy Huntingdon clinic we will explore your particular issue in detail.   This will include thinking about the pictures you are making in your head and the feelings in your body that you experience.  By increasing your awareness of these things we can work together to help you to interrupt any negative patterns you have developed.  More importantly, we will focus on how you really want to feel and your particular goals and aspirations.

Everyone is unique and has a different ‘map’ of reality!  The beauty of Cognitive Hypnotherapy is that is it not a one-size fits all approach –  it works with you as an individual!  I have a large number of different techniques at my disposal to help you discover and develop your own inner resources.

One of the exciting things about how hypnotherapy can help is that it enables you to relax deeply and get in touch with your creative, problem solving mind.  Most issues can be resolved with a short course of sessions.  I tailor sessions for each individual and following our consultation I can advise how many sessions I think you will need.

If you would like to know how hypnotherapy can help you then please give me a call.  I am happy to arrange a 30 minute no-obligation telephone or one to one meeting to discuss any issues that you would like help with.