Relationship Therapy for Deeper Connection

Relationship Therapy in Cambridge & Huntingdon

Are you experiencing problems in your relationships with others, particularly your partner?

Do you find yourself continuing to attract the same kind of people and experiencing the same patterns in your relationships?

Are you seeking constant validation or reassurance from others?

The word ‘relate’ means to connect and to link together. If you are experiencing
relationship difficulties then there is a problem with your connection rather like a faulty telephone line that creates static and difficulty for two people to understand each other.

I offer relationship therapy and coaching when life becomes challenging to help you resolve and release unconscious patterns that are affecting your sense of self and your relationships with others.

I want to offer you the best service possible so have developed a range of relationship therapy packages that give you a high degree of support during life’s difficult transitions which might include relationship breakdown, divorce, and factors which put a strain on relationships such as work stress, family issues, burn-out, confidence issues and where you might experience a sense of the road ahead feeling blocked.

Your Relationship with You!

Our relationship patterns are laid down early in life at an unconscious level by our parents and other family members. If we want to experience healthier, more fulfilling relationships then we need to start with the relationship we have with our self. If we don’t have a healthy relationship to our self then we continue to project our needs and unconscious desires onto other people, substances or things that cannot fulfil you.

We might ask ourselves the question of ‘Who am I’? and ‘What is my purpose?’ Many people struggle to get a real sense of themselves and believe that their identity is a fixed thing that they need to know. It’s important to realise that ‘self’ is a construct made up of many parts and we can only really know these parts in the moment we are experiencing them.

Whilst the self is an ever-changing construct, I believe we all need to have an authentic sense of self – one where we experience ourselves in a way that feels natural and comfortable. It is in our experience of our self that we can move forward with joy and purpose.

Using a wide range of tools from positive psychology, coaching and therapy we will explore your sense of self so you can get a clear idea of what brings you joy and purpose in your life.

Who’s looking at you?

When you look in the mirror you see yourself reflected
back. How you experience that image will be influenced by the feelings and beliefs you have about yourself. How do you feel when your partner, mother or friend looks at you? We can never know ourselves in isolation, only in relation to others.

When we are unhappy within ourselves the parts of us that are rejected or wounded from childhood are often projected outwards onto others. Sometimes we may be conscious when it happens but often we keep unconsciously recreating the patterns that existed in childhood. Those patterns feel comfortable on some level. After all, they are what we already have known and experienced. To really change those old patterns can feel uncomfortable but we need to heal and integrate those old wounds and accept the parts of us that we have rejected, bringing them out of the dark and into the light.

To help you build a healthy relationship with yourself, your partner or family member we can focus on healing those of parts of you that are wounded in some way. My job is not to help you stay together but to help you explore and discover new ways of connecting and relating at a deeper level so you can decide what is right for you.

The Alchemical Journey of You

A modern-day psychological understanding of alchemy is the symbolic journey towards wholeness. How will you create your life as you move forward? Part of the work we do together will be to create a vision of the ‘self’ that you desire to be. We will focus on your values about what’s really important to you and how you can use your values and beliefs to help guide you towards a greater sense of wholeness and wellbeing.

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