Cognitive Hypnotherapy 

A flexible, effective tool for positive change!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy in Cambridge & Huntingdon draws on a number of established psychological theories and practices such as Evolutionary Psychology, Positive Psychology, Cognitive theory and NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).  It has incorporated them into its own, modern, therapeutic model for helping individuals achieve positive change and results.

The word ‘cognitive’ refers to our thinking processes but, instead of just focussing on surface level thoughts, cognitive hypnotherapy aims to discover and transform the emotional root of a problem.  Although we think we are in control of our thoughts and behaviour, it is our unconscious mind that is running most of our ‘programs.’

The unconscious acts as a protective device, steering us away from pain and towards pleasure – what Freud called ‘the pleasure principle.’  Our nervous system developed to enable us to fight or run when faced with a physical threat.  However, we have to bear in mind the relatively short time span that we have lived in a modern society.   As a result, the unconscious interprets many modern life stressors in the same way as if you were confronted with a sabre-toothed tiger!

However, all behaviour has a positive intention even when it is having a negative effect.  For example, if you find yourself avoiding making a presentation or getting on a airplane its because your unconscious has decided at some point in the past that these things are a threat.  When you try and face these issues your body becomes flooded with stress hormones as your conscious and unconscious struggle with the conflict!  Even when people know that smoking is bad for them, they carry on because at some level they believe it is beneficial and there is a fear attached to losing those benefits.

Using leading edge techniques, cognitive hypnotherapy also uses the trance state as a means of communicating with the unconscious part of the mind.  In this way your brain can relearn to interpret events and issues in a positive, beneficial way so that you can get on with living the kind of life you want instead of continually looking for ways to avoid certain things or indulge in negative behaviour patterns.

Hypnosis and trance states have been used by societies since the dawn of time.  Contrary to what many people think, the trance state is a naturally occurring shift in focus that our brain enters into frequently during each day in response to the thoughts we are having.  To recall a relaxed trance state, think of those times when you were day dreaming, listening to music or so engrossed in something that you lost track of time.

During a cognitive hypnotherapy session people can experience trance in different ways.  Some people don’t find it much different but most people experience the trance state as very relaxing and pleasant.   Afterwards they usually feel very calm and revitalised.  Perhaps you have never considered hypnotherapy before because the thought of being in a trance seemed scary to you? Some people think they might not ‘wake up’ or be ‘in control’ but  I can assure you that this is not the case.   You will always be aware, in control and able to respond.  It is impossible to get stuck in trance as eventually you would just get bored or fall asleep.

This short video explains more about cognitive hypnotherapy:


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