Get ‘in the zone’ with NLP!

NLP is short for neuro-linguistic programming.  It is used by many artists and sports people to enhance their performance and get ‘in the zone.’  However, anyone can learn to use NLP techniques to help them improve any aspect of their performance at work, improve exam performance and to develop a positive mindset.   It was developed in the 1970s by Richard Bandler and John Grinder and has been used in therapy for over 25 years.  They studied how certain people did things really well and created a model of human behaviour that describes the dynamic between mind, body, emotions and behaviour.  NLP is different from older models of therapy which focussed on treating ‘dysfunction’ and how that affected the whole person.  NLP uses the principle of modelling – the steps and sequences that successful people use to create positive change within themselves and others.  Over the years NLP has developed a number of highly effective techniques that means that anyone can learn to improve a ‘part’ of themselves.

I was trained as an NLP Master Practitioner and Learning Coach with the Quest Institute where I also studied Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

EFT can help release negative emotions!

EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Techniques.  It involves tapping on a series of meridian points on the face, hands and upper body to release negative emotions that have become trapped in the body.

Our emotions connect us to the world around us and are our guide to how we feel about life, people and our experiences in the world.  Emotions affect our body’s energy system. You may be aware that when you have felt emotions such as joy and enthusiasm you may also have noticed having energy and a sense of well-being.  Of course many emotions are unpleasant like fear and anger but they also help to protect us from danger and threats. However, sometimes emotions can be unexpressed and we become ‘stuck’ or so overwhelmed that we shut them out and this leads to blockages in the body’s energy system.

EFT helps to release these blockages allowing the body to come back into balance. It is helpful for releasing emotion connected to a past negative experience and also for anxiety related to future events.  It is very gentle and doesn’t have side effects and can be used effectively on its own or as part of a programme of treatment.

I can teach you how to use this effective approach, so that you can reduce your negative responses in just a few minutes.*